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About Me

I'm Rahul Iyer,
a product manager & entreprenuer with a passion for technology.

Cliché phrase, right? Well, it's the truth. I simply love technology. Whether it's the invention of the Post-it note or learning about how Facebook is connecting the world - I want to know how it's done, why it's done. I want to get my hands on it, be a part of it. I want to know how I can use 'it' to impact someone's life, your life. People are my priority. Technology is my medium.

I'm Atlanta-bred, travel to experience the world, and enjoy the occasional Thai Iced Coffee.

What do I bring to the table?


From managing teams as a consultant and product manager, to running a startup - I try to take a leadership position when possible, even if that means leading by following.


I am extremely passionate about what I do. If I can offer something, I intend on doing it the best I possibly can.


I have a knack for going against the norm. I like to take things that have pain points and find the most creative possible solution for them. A prime example being Cheer Straps - a product I created to revolutionize athletes' wrist and grip support.


With all things taken into account, I strongly believe keeping things simple is key. If an intended user has to ask you how to use your product - it probably needs to to be simplified.

Where I've worked

Where I've studied

  • August 2011 - May 2015

    Georgia Tech

    B.S. Business Admnistration; Concentration in Information Technology

What others say about me

Nate Washington Co-Founder & CTO @ Qoins

"Rahul's knowledge of analytics and outside-of-the-box way of thinking really helped us interpret our data and act on it. Rahul has helped increase our user count, increase our conversions, and understand which channels work best for us." Read More

King Harrison Executive Vice President @ K3S

"Rahul is a fantastically hard worker and very personable. He is not afraid to tackle a hard job and produce an excellent outcome..." Read More

Hiram Knickerbocker Senior Consultant @ Manhattan Associates

"...[Rahul] was quick to understand complex concepts and designs and was able to execute tasks quickly and correctly with minimal review and coaching." Read More

TJ Greenstone Coordinator of Strength and Conditioning @ Tennessee State University

"...Rahul has shown to be very creative and innovative for his age. He seems to always be looking for new ideas to improve whatever he is involved in..." Read More

Joe Blanchett Consultant @ Manhattan Associates

"...His ability to grasp complex concepts quickly and to execute tasks with minimal support make him a desirable resource for any team." Read More

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